HMF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of truck-mounted loader cranes. We develop and produce crane models with lifting capacities from 3 to 95 tonne metres.

HMF cranes are used by a wide range of industries, including construction, transport and logistics, infrastructure, etc.

With headquarters in Denmark, we are represented around the world through subsidiaries, sales and service partners. We provide loader cranes to more than 30 countries and employ 
approximately 550+ staff members. Our dedicated and service-minded employees are passionate about lifting your business via powerful, reliable cranes.

Our strategy is focused on improving our core competencies in all aspects of developing loader cranes. Being innovative, leveraging new technologies and working with skilled people enable us to develop quality cranes for delivery around the world.

We believe our success is based on reliable cranes combined with service-minded colleagues and partners. We value our global network of sales and service partners, as they form the basis of our international presence.



We are specialized in developing truck-mounted loader cranes. Our focus has always been on optimizing our cranes for a strong clean design, operational safety, lift-to-weight ratio, load capacity, reach, size and assembly dimensions.

The range of cranes we offer is used for a broad range of lifting tasks, from simple, repeated lifts to more complicated precision demanding tasks. With different options offered, we have cranes for almost all lifting challenges.

With one of the best lift-to-weight ratios on the market, HMF cranes are developed with the newest materials and high-tensile steel. This keeps the weight to a minimum, so you can load as much as possible, with inner strength for many years of intensive use. At the same time, the length of the crane is reduced as much as possible, so that you can have a larger platform body and optimize the payload.

Our cranes come with countless combinations, where you can choose between different control units, stabilizer solutions, and options such as a hoist, fly-jib, personnel basket, and many others.


HMF cranes are known for 

  • High lift-to-weight ratio
  • Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Clean design and low tare weight
  • EVS – the original vehicle stability system
HMF's mision, vision and values













We design, manufacture, sell, and service loader cranes of high quality to support your daily lifting challenges.

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With a passion for safe, high-quality truck-mounted cranes, we strive to be the industry’s first choice supplier and service partner.

We value long-term relations based on honesty and trust. Quality, craftmanship and listening to our market’s needs, have always been important factors for our product development and we believe these, together with dedicated and skilled employees, are the main reasons for our success today.