HMF was established in 1945 by Arne Bundgaard Jensen. The story goes that Bundgaard wanted to open a bicycle and auto repair shop in Højbjerg, Denmark, and in order to make this happen, he then sold his Nimbus motorcycle and borrowed money from his relatives. This was the beginning of HMF.

Since the very beginning, product development and quality have been cornerstones of our DNA. In 1947 a need for agricultural trailers came about, and so started the production of trailers and tipping bodies, and in 1952 we produced our first crane.

A year later, in 1953 the first crane was sold to Sweden and so our international crane adventure started. These were the first highlights of our journey, and since then we have been one of the pioneers of the industry.

We were the first crane manufacturer to become ISO certified, and through innovation we contributed to improve the capabilities within safety with the introduction of our EVS system.

Today, we are one of the world’s leading crane manufacturers with subsidiaries in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and UK, and sales and service partners worldwide.















The company was founded by Arne Bundgaard Jensen

The first truck-mounted HMF loader crane was produced and a year later our international adventure began with export to Sweden and Germany

We moved to a new larger location for production and administration - Oddervej 200 in Højbjerg - our current headquarters

We acquired the Danish trailer factory DAPA and established a new branch in Roskilde

HMF subsidiaries were established in Germany and the UK

Upholding international standards, we became ISO certified crane manufacturers

Patent applications for our electronic vehicle stability system (EVS) and our rated capacity limitation system (RCL)

We received the Automation Prize awarded by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), because of our welding robot cell for crane arms

Today 100% owned by the Danish foundation, Bundgaard-Fonden. As such, our long term vision is set continued focus on our customers, product line, and global network of industry professionals