A Blast from the Past: HMF on Google Street View

A Blast from the Past: HMF on Google Street View

8 July 2019

Along with the many beautiful buildings, the Rotterdam skyline currently also displays many tower cranes. The city centre is rapidly developing with an increasing demand for housing. Therefore, many building projects are well under way and cranes are seen in action all over the city – truck-mounted HMF cranes included.

An observant HMF enthusiast has noticed two HMF cranes contributing to the city centre development in this Google Street View shot. The construction site is now long gone and is today home to 202 luxury apartments.

These high-class living apartments are situated in the historic Scheepvaartkwartier in Rotterdam, one of the richest neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. We are proud and happy that HMF loader cranes are contributing to the development of the city centre of beautiful Rotterdam.


See for yourself how the apartment block looks before and after construction.