Cranes in the army

14 September 2020

Did you know …

That for 30 years, HMF has delivered more than 4,000 units of cranes, vehicle body buildings, tipping bodies, tail lifts, etc. to Defence forces around the world?

Cranes on a foreign assignment

Perhaps you thought that our cranes were only to be found on construction sites and on the roads? Then you’re mistaken! Although it’s not always visible that HMF is behind, several of our cranes are actually found on military service vehicles such as tanks and other off-road and armed trucks.

Our discontinued models 2220, 2750, 3450 and 3720 are some of the cranes that over time have served their military service in Defence forces in i.a. UK, Sweden, Norway, France and Latvia. In addition, several trucks from HMF help transport the brave soldiers and their equipment.

The cranes are not only helping out in the individual countries but also when the countries in question participate among the UN peacekeeping forces around the world. We’re actually quite proud of that!