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HMF delivers record-breaking turnover despite fire, pandemic and supply challenges 

11 April 2022

2021 brought a pandemic, supply shortages, and a factory building on fire. Still, 2021 ended with record-high sales figures and a full order book for Danish crane manufacturer, HMF.

Fabrice transforms truck cranes into railway cranes

14 March 2022

HMF cranes aren't originally developed for railway carriages. But the company CML has made a business of rebuilding HMF cranes for the railway sector.

HMF invests in the future and plans new headquarters

9 March 2022

After 80 years in Højbjerg, crane manufacturer HMF builds new head quarter to fulfil dreams of growth, modernisation and a great work environment.

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Lars lifts the green building industry with new loader crane 

9 November 2021

Lars Christensen from Anker Christensen in Denmark has expanded his business with a new loader crane from HMF to be able to keep up with the demand from the green building industry. We met the haulier of the future on the move in Northern Denmark. 

HMF ensures continued crane production after fire

3 November 2021

With quick re-establishment of production and cooperation with subcontractors, HMF secures supply of crane parts for the crane production in Højbjerg.

CEO Proud Of Employees’ Handling Of Fire

27 October 2021

Yesterday a fire started at a production facility in Galten, Denmark. CEO Jens Seehusen is proud of how the fire was handled and happy that nobody was injured.

From farmer to owner of 12 loader cranes

28 September 2021

Freddy Frederiksen thought that he was going to be a farmer. But a trip to the US changed that. Today he owns, 22 trucks and 12 loader cranes.

New revision of standards for loader cranes - what does it mean to you?  

24 August 2021
On 14 October 2021, the 12999:2020 standard on extra safety for loader cranes will become effective. What are the new rules about and what do they mean to you?

HMF loader cranes help farmers in Northern Europe 

6 August 2021
Danish Agro has acquired three new HMF loader cranes to meet the demand from European farmers. Why cranes have become an essential tool in modern agriculture? 

Carsten was heard and got a customized truck 

2 June 2021
Buying a new truck may sometimes be an overwhelming decision. Carsten Nobel describes how HMF guided him towards the perfect crane truck for his company, CTN Transport. 

Thorkild gets a better overview and stability with RCL 5400 and EVS   

25 May 2021

Thorkild Andreasen has tested two upgraded control systems for HMF's truck-mounted cranes: RCL 5400 and the latest version of the stability system EVS.

BMS gets extra reach with large crane fly-jib

13 May 2021

Per from BMS is one of the first to aquire an HMF 9520 loader crane with upgraded fly-jib. He has gained extra reach when working on construction sites

Emil is the third generation of HMF crane operators 

22 March 2021

Emil was introduced to HMF loader cranes as a kid by his grandfather. Later his father taught him how to operate them, and in 2012 he finally got his own.

HMF launches new priming plant and enhances crane durability 

1 February 2021

HMF Group has invested €2.7M in a new priming facility. The new coating process will enhance the durability of HMF cranes’ surface to more than 15 years.

New Crane-Wrapper for a better customer experience

17 March 2021

HMF Group A/S has invested in a “crane-wrapping” machine. The new wrapping process will protect cranes during transportation and storage.

New crane and used truck? A simple way to save money

7 December 2020

Considerable cost savings and the difficulty of getting new trucks in 2020 both speak in favour of mounting a new crane on a used truck.

Quick service saved tomorrow's revenue

17 December 2020

When the remote control for self-employed Pelle's 13-year old 1820K suddenly failed, HMF made sure he was up and running again next morning. This saved the deliveries and revenue of the day.

Everlasting power to lift - some of the oldest HMF cranes

10 November 2020

In connection with our 75th anniversary we went looking for the oldest functioning HMF crane. It resulted in a lot of cool pictures of retro-cranes, which you can find in this article.

A 5-axled truck and 95 tm crane prepared for the future 

24 September 2020

The haulage company Poul Erik Jeppesen & Søn / Roslev Kranbetjening A/S in Skive, Denmark, has just put its largest crane truck ever into operation: a future-proof heavyweight with a 5-axle truck and 95 tm crane. 

Get seated ... and make yourself comfortable

14 September 2020

HMF crane operators out there working around the clock deserve to be comfortable while doing so! Therefore, this special installation is equipped with a heated top seat and other comfortable features.

HMF fire-fighting in Poland

2 September 2020

HMF distributor, HMF Polska, is not wasting time! In co-operation with a special vehicle company, HMF Polska has created no less than 36 craned fire-fighting trucks. 

Why Studhalter Transporte counts on HMF

4 August 2020

“We chose HMF for the first time back in 2009 and had many positive experiences with it. We have counted on HMF loader cranes ever since!” So says Thomas Studhalter about the choice for HMF.

Unimog with an HMF #2

22 June 2020

Last year, the piping company Enrotec from Neunkirchen received a Unimog tool carrier with an HMF 610K3. Now they've ordered one more - this time with an HMF 2320K3.

Craned rescue vehicles for fire department

4 June 2020

Firefighting, towage and animal rescue are just some of the services new rescue vehicles with special armour and HMF 1320K cranes perform for the Hungarian Fire Department.

Service, support and spare parts: Working in After Sales during corona

4 May 2020

HMF's After Sales department had to quickly adapt to new working conditions due to the corona-pandemic. ​Get Henrik Skriver's view on working life during corona in this article

Grues Torralba: HMF cranes for more than 20 years

24 March 2020

Grues Torralba has preferred HMF cranes for more than 20 years. The cranes' sharp, fast and well-defined functions as well as the EVS system were some of the convincing factors.

Rescue vehicles with power to lift

4 March 2020

HMF cranes are used for many different purposes around the world. In San José, California, they are used for important rescue services.

A boyhood dream comes true

18 December 2019

At the age of 48 Perry Birkelund is finally acting out his boyhood dream: Starting his own company, Birkelund Kran & Transport AS, with a brand-new Volvo FH fitted with a 95 tm HMF crane.

Unimog with an HMF – A combi for the most difficult conditions

11 December 2019

When a piping company needed a light-weight vehicle for off-road driving, the perfect solution was to mount an HMF 610K on a Unimog. 

HMF UK Obtain SafeContractor Accreditation

11 December 2019

HMF UK has obtained SafeContractor Accreditation. This means that you are always guaranteed a safe, ethical and sustainable crane supplier.

Off-road in German forests

22 November 2019

Setting up hunting high stands in bumpy forests can be quite challenging. Fortunately, HMF had the perfect off-road solution for the German company, Fischer Reviereinrichtungen.

The biggest project for HMF Germany ever - 49 cranes for THW

11 November 2019

The German relief organization, THW, has placed the order of 49 HMF cranes – the biggest order HMF Ladekrane GmbH has ever received.

Why two Icelandic companies chose HMF over a competing brand

27 September 2019

The two Icelandic companies Hermundur Jóhannesson and Finnur ehf recently replaced their cranes with ones from HMF for several reasons.

Why König & Kaiser are turning heads with their truck

20 September 2019

Jens Kaiser from König & Kaiser is controlling his dark blue Volvo truck from outside the driver’s cab - how is that possible?

An exciting first build for Day Brothers

2 September 2019

At HMF we're not afraid to take on challenging tasks. This time around it was Day Brothers who had an exciting assignment ready for our cranes. 

Power to lift F-16 aircrafts

9 June 2019

When the Dutch airfroce needed a strong and reliable crane for lifting F-16 aircrafts HMF had the perfect crane for the task.

Permanently devoted to HMF

9 May 2019

When you love your job as much as Søren and Christian do, what better way to express it than with a permanent tattoo?

HMF grows the business

5 December 2017

Once again HMF Group increases capacity and invests heavily in automated production processes to be able to follow the increasing demand on the international crane market.

HMF long boom crane at first 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift 3 system

24 November 2017

Builders’ merchant Travis Perkins becomes the first UK customer to take delivery of Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks equipped with HMF 1210 long boom cranes.

Total solution with 8x2 Arocs flagship and an HMF 5020-K

30 October 2017

Total Hire & Sales' latest Mercedes truck with 5020K6 is tailored to perform tasks that most hauliers typically use two vehicles for.

New Large Range and Medium Range

HMF has launched their biggest cranes so far and a brand new mid-range series - all of them designed with optimum lift-to-weight ratio.