5 cool crane assignments from the land of Alps

4 April 2020

Switzerland is a very diverse country – and so are the tasks that our HMF cranes meet there. Luckily, our cranes are suited for many different terrains and assignments. We have gathered a few cool crane tasks from the mountainous country for you here.

Studhalter Transporte GmbH

This black pearl is used by Studhalter Transporte GmbH, who specializes in construction and event-logistics. The truck is equipped with a 2420K and is here used for heavy boat lifting on a sunny day in Switzerland. The company’s fleet also holds another HMF crane; an HMF 5020K6, which also handles various assignments for the company.

Glas Trösch

This white duo is here on duty for the international glass-factory Glas Trösch. Such a fragile material as glass needs careful and reliable handling, and therefore HMF delivered two 2120K cranes, perfectly suited for this fragile work.

Christen Trans AG

Another powerful duo - this time in red - is used by the company Christen Trans AG. The company uses these two red Scanias fitted with HMF 1820 cranes in their transport services. Both cranes are easy to take off thanks to a detachable crane bracket. This is very useful if the driver doesn’t need the crane for at specific job. Then he can leave it at the company base or wherever convenient. This makes it a very flexible tool for the operator.

Wanzenried Bau AG

Wanzenried Bau AG works in housing and industrial construction as well as in public buildings. This 2620K crane is fitted on a MAN 6x6 Truck, and the truck assists in different transport tasks for the company in the construction industry in and around Switzerland.


KIBAG is a leading Swiss company in the building materials and construction sector. They carry out a versatile range of tasks and use our cranes in their work. In this picture an HMF 4020K crane is mounted on KIBAG’s blue-grey Mercedes.