A 5-axled truck and 95 tm crane prepared for the future

24 September 2020

The haulage company Poul Erik Jeppesen & Søn / Roslev Kranbetjening A/S in Skive, Denmark, has just put its largest craned vehicle ever into operation. And it is not "just" another large crane truck, but in fact a future-proof heavyweight with a 5-axle truck and a 95 tm crane from HMF.

A future-proof vehicle

Ib Jeppesen, son of the company's founder Poul Erik Jeppesen, has been forward-looking when he, back in 2019, decided on a 5-axle Volvo with a 95 tm crane for the company. So forward-looking that in fact new rules regarding 5-axle trucks with a total weight of up to 40 tonnes hasn’t even passed yet in Denmark; For now, a 5-axle truck must only weigh 32 tonnes. But Ib isn’t afraid to future-proof his truck even if legislation hasn’t been approved by Danish authorities yet.

“A beast like this (read: the new craned truck) should be able to last at least 10 years - and if you take a forward-looking view, a 95 tm crane with a 5-axled truck open up some whole new opportunities for our business.”

 He continues:

“When at some point it becomes possible to reach 40 tonnes in total with the 5-axled truck, we are the first on the market to have a unique crane truck that is both strong, flexible and efficient - and with our 2-axled drawbar trailer, it can also handle 56 tons”.

Crane specifications

HMF Denmark in Galten has delivered the crane and installation. The installation is made on a Volvo FH 10x4*6 and HMF in Galten has i.a. equipped the truck with:

  • HMF 9520-K7 crane with 7 hydraulic extensions.
  • FJ2200-K6 fly-jib with 6 hydraulic extensions and 2 manual extensions, which gives a total reach of 37.7 m.
  • HMF RCL Safety System and HMF’s electronic stability monitoring system, EVS.
  • Scanreco radio remote control with colour screen.
  • Stabilizer beam on the crane with 4.2 meters stabilizer spread on each side and 180° swing-up stabilizer legs.
  • Separate, rear-mounted hydraulically extensible stabilizer beam with 4.2 meters stabilizer spread on each side.
  • Front stabilizer leg.
  • Personnel basket for mounting on fly-jib.
  • 320 litre hydraulic tank mounted on crane base.

Regarding his new vehicle body building, Ib says in the end:

“HMF deserves great praise for the work. It's simply a perfect installation of the highest quality. I am very pleased with the result.”