A boyhood dream comes true

18 December 2019

Which crane operator has not dreamed of owning their very own craned vehicle? It is never too late to go after your boyhood dream – just look at Perry Birkelund.

At the age of 48 he is finally acting out his boyhood dream: The 1st of August he started his own company, Birkelund Kran & Transport AS in Norway, with a brand-new Volvo FH fitted with a 95 tm HMF crane.

Perry has been driving craned vehicles since 2004 and has been dreaming of starting his own business one day. After years of saving up, the passionate truck driver finally had the means to follow his dream.

Hard work pays off

Perry knew starting a business would be hard work and an expensive treat. He has invested around 4.5 million NOK in truck and crane as well as in additional lifting equipment.

“When I decided to start my own business, the crane was the most important thing. I have been driving Volvo, Scania, MAN and Mercedes-Benz for the last 13 years, but the size of the crane was decisive” Perry says.

Therefore, he ended up choosing an HMF 9520O-K6 – the biggest crane in HMF’s product range. With this crane Perry can lift 16.9 tonnes at 4.5 metres, 4050 kg at 16.3 metres and 940 kg at 30 metres – and handle most tasks.

Hard work pays off, as the saying goes, and today Perry Birkelund’s company is doing well. With a lot of experience and loyal customers gathered through many years in the transport industry, the company has plenty of work to do.

We take off our hats for Perry’s self-made success and congratulate him on achieving his boyhood dream.