Carsten Nobel from CTN Transport in front of his volvo truck with HMF 2820 loader crane

Carsten was heard and got a customized truck 

2 June 2021

Buying a new truck may sometimes be an overwhelming decision. It quickly became clear for the two brothers, Carsten and Torben Nobel, when their pursuit for a new craned vehicle began. Carsten Nobel describes how HMF guided him towards the perfect crane truck for the newly established family company, CTN Transport in Denmark. 

Which truck is best suited for our needs? How much should our crane be able to lift? Which equipment do we need? 

The questions were many when Carsten and Torben Nobel wanted a new truck fitted with a loader crane. And the answers to these questions were important to the brothers. 

"I wanted to be sure I made the right decision," says Carsten Nobel. "The decision of which truck and loader crane to buy has a huge impact on our company’s success for many years to come." 

Therefore, Carsten Nobel wrote down the many questions and called HMF in Denmark where he got hold of Sales Manager, Jakob Dyhr. 

“When I spoke to Jakob, I received quick, concrete and qualitative feedback on my considerations. I became confident that HMF was the right partner for me and chose to move on with the collaboration.” 

HMF puts the cards on the table 

As Carsten Nobel lives in Sealand, Denmark, he was put in contact with HMF's Regional Sales Manager, Peder Ringsted in the Roskilde branch near Copenhagen. Then the two of them spent hours narrowing down the best solution for CTN Transport.  

CTN Transport’s new truck would primarily be used for transportation of tools, gravel, and bricks for contractors. Carsten has several years of experience with the transport industry and equipment. Therefore, he appreciated that HMF consulted him. 

"I told Peder what the truck was to be used for. Instead of just telling me what to choose, we had a good dialogue about my needs before we decided on a solution together.  

The most important thing for me has been that HMF has played with open cards. When I’ve asked a question, they’ve answered that particular question. They’ve not been trying to fob me off with some sales speech.” 

Customized solution 

Carsten and Torben Nobel, in consultation with HMF in Roskilde, ended up choosing an HMF 2820 crane and a cable lift system with a 3-way tipping body – equipment offered by HMF’s subsidiary in Denmark. All of it fitted on Carsten’s Volvo. 

This installation is designed for working with a crane, clamshell bucket, and containers within the construction industry. With CTN Transport’s other truck, which has been used at the timber merchant’s, the company is now capable of handling a wide range of transport tasks - primarily in the construction industry, but also other industries. 

"It is awfully important that the truck is suited for exactly our type of jobs," says Carsten Nobel. “Because of the good dialogue with HMF, I know that the vehicle body building is customized to our specific needs. The better the solution fits our company’s purpose, the more money we can generate in the long run.” 

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