Collaboration and digital solutions increase safety at construction sites

24 May 2022

GSV, who rent out machinery and equipment and crane manufacturer HMF have more than just Danish roots in common. Both companies utilize digital solutions to make construction sites a safe place to work. Therefore, GSV just purchased 7 HMF cranes for their fleet, and we asked GSV's Purchasing and Fleet Director, Henrik Christensen, about the work to increase safety and efficiency at building sites.

GSV is a leading distributor of equipment for all building and construction tasks. Everything a contractor could possibly need, GSV offers - whether it is small tools for a minor construction task or bigger machines or containers.

Naturally, this kind of equipment needs lifting and transportation. That's why GSV approached another Danish company, HMF, when they wanted to create a fleet of truck-mounted cranes.

"For us, it's important that it is safe for our employees to work at a construction site. This means, among other things, that they shouldn’t have to perform any kind of heavy lifting. That's why we use trucks with cranes to move all our equipment at construction sites," says Henrik Christensen.

In 2015, GSV therefore purchased its first loader cranes from HMF. The cranes from back then are still in use, and since then, GSV has expanded their fleet with even more loader cranes from HMF.

Safety is scrutinized in the construction industry

It's not for nothing that GSV has safety as a top priority - it is one of the growing concerns in the construction industry. Henrik himself has worked at GSV since 2005 and has noticed how the industry has developed towards more digitalisation, safety and focus on the environment. Especially in the last 5-10 years.

This is precisely why Henrik and GSV have a strong focus on using digital opportunities to improve safety and reduce environmental impact. For Henrik, these things are interconnected:

"If you are to focus on the environment and safety, you also have to focus on digitalisation and using your data."

By leveraging digital solutions, GSV has, among other things, a full overview of which rental equipment is idle and can thus ensure that it is put into use. In this way, the company ensures maximum utilisation of all machines. Likewise, their customers have access to a digital platform where they can monitor their own use of the machines, view their carbon footprint and thus maximise their utilisation of the machines.

Safety is also monitored digitally, enabling GSV to ensure that there are no errors or misunderstandings on construction sites.

"Safety is at an all-time high with our customers - and just as high with us. We are happy to take actions that have an additional cost, if it can increase the safety of our employees and everyone else on the construction site. I would say that safety is our highest priority as a company," says Henrik Christensen.

This is precisely why HMF's digital solution, the EVS stability system, was an important feature on the truck cranes for GSV. The EVS monitors the stability of the truck in all working areas of the crane and warns the user if the vehicle is becoming unstable. An important feature on a construction site where there is bustle of trucks driving, cranes lifting, and people running around.

Furthermore, EVS ensures that the truck is stable even if the support stabilizer beams are not fully extended - so crane work can be carried out even when the site is cramped.

Durability, safety and quality are key

GSV's fleet now includes a number of HMF cranes. The company bought its first HMF crane trucks back in 2015. In 2021, the fleet was expanded with another 9 trucks with 910K and 1920K cranes and most recently 7 new trucks with HMF 1920K truck cranes were bought.

GSV uses the same trucks and cranes so users can easily switch between them. The choice of the right truck was made with expert advice from HMF partner, Brande Vognfabrik, but also the users themselves. Because, as Henrik says, "It's the drivers' office - their working tool. So there's no point in me sitting there deciding what they want."

Following the practice of "majority rules", the result was Scania trucks with HMF cranes. According to Henrik, three characteristics of HMF cranes in particular were decisive for the purchase and re-purchase of HMF loader cranes. Namely safety features, reliability and quality.

"For users, it was the crane's safety features and operationality that became decisive. The crane works really smooth, and that is the most important thing for our drivers on construction sites," Henrik says, and continues:

"Also, HMF has proven to be a very stable and good crane; even after 7 years it is still reliable. I don't have a single example of any major problems with the product or the service. There are always small issues through so many years, but nothing that has not been solved quickly and professionally," says Henrik Christensen and ends our conversation:

"Maybe we could buy a cheaper crane, but the quality of a HMF crane is really good. We think a lot about the complete lifetime of products and resell the equipment we don't use. Therefore, resale value is an important factor for us."