Red rescue vehicle with red loader crane
Red fire rescue truck with crane

Craned rescue vehicles for fire department

4 June 2020

Firefighting, towage and animal rescue are just some of the services the Hungarian Fire Department, OKF, performs. For these important jobs they have recently acquired new rescue vehicles equipped with strong armours and 1320K cranes from HMF.

Special armour for chemical disasters and fires

These new special emergency vehicles are called Komondor RDO-4332s. The Komondors are owned by the Hungarian fire department and are used for a range of rescue tasks; firefighting, rescue services, traction and emergency response are just some of their responsibilities.

The new rescue vehicles are also equipped with special armours that make them suitable for a number of serious tasks. The vehicles are for example suited for handling chemical and radiological disasters. This means, that in case of a nuclear accident or catastrophe, the vehicles’ passengers are protected and can use the trucks for rescue or firefighting.

The vehicles are equipped with HMF 1320K3 RCS cranes, which are installed by our Hungarian partner, Hydrotest Kft. The cranes are supplied with HMF’s stability system, EVS, which makes it possible to expand the working area of a crane under difficult conditions - which may come in handy in difficult rescue situations.

HMF wishes the Hungarian Fire Department the best of luck with their new rescue vehicles (although we hope they are not needed to often 😉).