Emil Thøgersen in front of his truck in HMF service workshop

Emil is the third generation of HMF crane operators 

22 March 2021

For as long as he can remember, Emil Thøgersen has been operating HMF loader cranes. As a kid in 1960s and 1970s, he accompanied his grandfather when working the crane. When he got his driver’s license, the first crane he tried was his father’s HMF lorry crane. In 2002, it finally became Emil Thøgersen's turn to join the family tradition as he bought his own HMF crane. 

In the fall of 2020, HMF Group A/S celebrated its 75th anniversary. Only few can say that they’ve operated some of the first HMF cranes, but Emil Thøgersen can. 

"My father and grandfather have been operating HMF cranes for as long as HMF cranes have existed," he says when we meet him at the Service Workshop in Galten, Denmark. "I remember back in the '60s and '70s that my grandfather was working with the cranes, and I came along." 

Training from father to son 

Emil Thøgersen tried his first HMF loader crane in 1977 — just after he got his driving license. The crane was his father’s, and in the best father-son tradition, his father taught him how to use the red crane. 

"Back then, you learned to use a crane simply by taking the plunge," says Emil Thøgersen. "There was no such thing as training or education. My grandfather taught my father, and my father taught me.” 

A lot has happened since 1977, which Emil Thøgersen has also discovered. The use of remote control was, to say the least, an "upheaval". Fortunately, he could seek help from HMF's technicians and learned to master the new technology. 

Pleased with the service over the years 

In 2002, it finally became Emil Thøgersen's turn to follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps. He started the transport company E. Thøgersen and bought his own truck with an HMF 3220 crane. Since then, a truck with a 4020 fitted has also joined his fleet. 

"I have been particularly pleased with HMF's crane service over the years. They’re always able to find time in their calendar when needed,” says Emil Thøgersen. 

The crane operator lives in Ry in Eastern Jutland, Denmark. He benefits from the short distance to HMF in Galten. 

“Of course, I’ve had some challenges with my cranes over the years. But they’ve always been solved by the HMF team. That’s all you can ask for, really.” 

To the question of which tasks Emil performs with his crane, he replies, "Everything under the sun." 

The strangest assignment he’s ever had was when he delivered a 2x2 metre present for a 30th birthday. 

"You bet he got busy unpacking when he saw it. And the guests, they had a lot of fun! And then it just turned out to be a small gift voucher.”