Everlasting power to lift - Some of the oldest functioning HMF cranes

10 November 2020

On 17 October 2020 it was exactly 75 years ago that HMF was founded by Arne Bundgaard Jensen. To celebrate our anniversary, we asked HMF operators around the world to help us find the oldest functioning HMF crane. This resulted in a lot of cool pictures of old HMF cranes - and the oldest functioning HMF crane we found was in France.

Julien Falcoz from Vilette-d'Anthon near Lyon in France is the proud owner of an HMF A45-K2 from 1984. In order to keep the 36 year old crane functioning, Julien himself has restored the crane and uses it today in his work chopping and delivering wood to individuals.​

You can see all the photos we received in relation to our Anniversary Contest at the top of this page.