Blue truck in very narrow street with crane lifting something on top of the roof of a building
Blue truck with one stabilizer leg down is parked in narrow street with a folded red loader crane

Grues Torralba: HMF cranes for more than 20 years

24 March 2020

The company, Grues Torralba, is a Mallorcan family business with more than 30 years of experience. In 1997 the company purchased its first HMF crane: an 2820-K6 with fly-jib. Since then, many more HMF cranes have come to join the fleet.

An HMF crane for every task

On sunny Mallorca, there’s plenty of work to be done; whether boats need to get into the water or hotels need construction materials delivered, Grues Torralba has the skills and the cranes for the job.

With a wide range of different cranes in their fleet – all from HMF - the company can handle most tasks. Since 1997, where the first 2820K was acquired, two Thor cranes and an HMF 4220K have also come to join. Most recently, the company has purchased a 5020K, which was exposed at the Spanish Smopyc Machinery Fair by our Spanish distributor Eurogruas and B.M.E Socias, the official HMF workshop in the Balearic Islands.

When every inch count

When navigating through the narrow alleys of Mallorca every inch count. Grues Torralba not only needs skilled drivers but also a reliable vehicle and crane. When asked, why the company prefers HMF, Jaume Torralba says:

“We like HMF cranes because they are very sharp and fast, and they have very well-defined functions. A function that we like very much is the EVS system: for us the best vehicle stabilization system on the market.”

In particular the EVS system on HMF cranes may come in handy for Grues Torralba. The beautiful - but narrow – Mallorcan alleys make it difficult for a crane operator to extend the stabilizer beams on his vehicle. But with EVS, the operator has another solution; By optimally loading the vehicle, the crane operator can increase the stability on his vehicle, which expands the working area under difficult conditions. This means that heavy equipment can be managed even in Mallorca’s narrow alleys.

We are very pleased that Grues Torralba fancies HMF cranes as much as we do, and we wish for this experienced family business to thrive for years to come.