Three rescue vehicles with loader cranes on snow covered parking lot
Three red rescue trucks from ahead and three red rescue trucks from behind
Red fire rescue truck with loader crane

HMF fire-fighting in Poland

2 September 2020

Earlier, we have brought you stories about rescue vehicles with HMF cranes from American and Hungarian fire departments – buy did you know that  HMF Distributor HMF Polska Sp.Z o.o. also delivers cranes for rescue services?

36 rescue vehicles

HMF Polska has in co-operation with the company SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles delivered 28 medium rescue vehicles (4x4) with HMF 910-K2-RCS cranes as well as 7 heavy rescue trucks (4x4) fitted with each their 2130K crane to the Polish fire brigade – all mounted on Scania chassis.

Earlier, HMF Poland and SZCZĘŚNIAK has also delivered a medium rescue truck with an HMF 1320K mounted on a 2-axle chassis New generation Scania P 450 B4x4HZ for a Fire School in the city of Bydgoszcz.

What makes HMF cranes suited for rescue work?

 EVS Stability System

In demanding terrain or uneven surfaces – when for example towing parked cars – the cranes’ stability system ensures optimization of the working area without the resulting limitation from deploying the stabilizer beams. EVS allows the crane to work in the entire working area, i.e. 420°.

 Remote Control and HMF InfoCentre

All crane functions are carried out by means of the radio remote control system installed on the rescue vehicles. For extra safety, the remote control box is equipped with an HMF InfoCentre display, which in collaboration with the RCL Safety System informs and warns the crane operator in case of stability issues. This solution allows the operator to operate the crane from a long distance (remote control range is over 100 m).