HMF invests in the future and plans new headquarters

Press release - 9 March 2022, Højbjerg, Denmark.

HMF plans to say goodbye to Højbjerg in 2024 after almost 80 years in the area. The crane manufacturer will build a new domicile and bring its headquarters in Højbjerg and its subsidiary in Galten together under one roof. The new production and administration buildings will fulfil the company's dreams of growth, modernisation, and a better working environment.

Since 1959, the current buildings in Højbjerg have housed the crane manufacturer HMF. But the buildings can no longer keep up with the company's need for production and office space. A need driven by an increasing demand for HMF's truck cranes.

"After 63 years at the same location, we have reached a point where our facilities no longer support our ambitions as a company. We want to grow, be modern, and offer a great working environment for our employees. With new headquarters, we can prepare HMF for the future," says CEO Jens Seehusen Christensen.

The decision comes in the wake of the fire at a production building in Galten in October. This meant that the company was to rebuild the production facilities in Galten, while the headquarters in Højbjerg were to be renovated and expanded as well. Thus arose the plans for a brand-new domicile that would bring together the subsidiary HMF Denmark’s body building and service workshop, as well as the production and administration for both locations.

"Sometimes it is a good idea to take out a blank piece of paper and think outside the box. The fire in Galten forced us to turn a blank page," says Jens Seehusen.

Expansion and modernisation will ensure keeping up with growing demand

HMF is planning to build its new headquarters in an industrial area in Stilling near Aarhus. This is a site with easy access from the motorway and space for HMF's growth dreams. Furthermore, the site is centrally located for employees as well as customers.

"It’s important to me that our 600 employees will feel the least possible impact of the relocation. I think we meet that requirement with this site, which is centrally located regardless of whether you come from Aarhus, Skanderborg, Højbjerg or Galten," says Jens Seehusen.

Although the final signature on the contract has not been made, HMF is already working at full speed on the design of the new production and administration facilities. The plan is to build 50,000 m2 of modernised production and 5,000 m2 of administration building. A significant expansion of the existing facilities. The expansion means that from 2024 the company will be able to produce up to 3 times as many cranes as it does today.

And more cranes are needed; 2021 has been a record year for HMF with a turnover of just over DKK 1 billion. And this even in a year with a global supply shortage, price increases on raw materials and a worldwide pandemic.

Jens Seehusen also has great ambitions and hopes for HMF and the market in the future:

"If we look into the crystal ball, it seems that we have a strong market for the next many years to come. We should take advantage of this and strike while the iron is hot."

"First and foremost, the investment means that we have secured HMF for the future and that we can keep up with the demand we are experiencing from the market."

The Højbjerg spirit lives on

Højbjerg Maskinfabrik (Højbjerg machine factory) was the company's original name - and not without reason. HMF has been located in Højbjerg – a suburb of Aarhus -, at 3 different locations on the same street, since 1945.

It was also the company's ambition to find a new site near Aarhus, and for this purpose HMF got external help. The CEO stresses that the investments in the future would not have been possible without a lot of help and advice from the Municipalities in Aarhus and Skanderborg.

"I’m grateful to both Aarhus and Skanderborg Municipalities for their understanding of our situation, and their help and advice throughout this process. This has ensured that we can retain important jobs and investments in the area," says Jens Seehusen.

Mayor of Skanderborg, Frands Fischer, says:

"We are proud to welcome an honourable company like HMF to Skanderborg Municipality. The cooperation around the project has gone fast. Within two days after we received the first enquiry, we met and discussed possible locations for the new HMF HQ. Now we are doing what we can to get the construction process started as soon as possible."

Jens Seehusen, who has ambitions for a ready-to-move-in domicile in early 2024, is looking forward to the work life in the new headquarters. In conclusion, however, he says:

"We will take the Højbjerg spirit with us wherever we move. The company spirit will not change. It's not the site or the location that makes up HMF - it's the people."


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