Mikkel Winter Andersen (left) and Morten Nørregaard Baun (right) in front of the new paint plant 

HMF launches new priming plant and enhances crane durability

1 February 2021

HMF Group has invested €2.7M in a new priming facility in Denmark operating from January 2021. The new coating process will enhance the expected durability of HMF cranes’ surface to more than 15 years in coastal and industrial environments. 

The expansion of the current HMF paint facility in Højberg, Denmark is part of a strategic initiative to strengthen the overall quality of crane components. 

“The goal of our new priming plant is to strengthen our market position as a supplier of quality cranes for all environments,” says Product Engineer Morten Nørregaard Baun, from HMF. “We have specified higher quality requirements for components from our suppliers and naturally also from ourselves.” 

HMF has invested 20M DKK (€2.7M) in the new priming plant. The process includes a dual coat solution with powder primer and a topcoat as opposed to the former one-layer topcoat. The new investment will enhance the corrosion class of HMF cranes according to the ISO 12944-2 standards

Flexible response to market demands 

The primer plant initiative is a response to challenges reported by crane operators in the market. The new primer process will improve resistance against cracks in the paint and insufficient coating in particular on sharp edges

Mikkel Winther Andersen, new Chief Operating Officer at HMF, is very pleased with the improvements. He attributes the success to the agility of the organisation.  

“At HMF, we have the flexibility to respond quickly to market demands. If we see a potential for improvement, we can test it at a whole other speed than any other place I have worked.” 

Mikkel Winther Andersen comes from a position as Plant Director at Grundfos; an industry leader when it comes to digitalization and technology. Now he looks forward to using his knowledge with his new employees at HMF. 

“In our Production, we’re always looking at adapting to market demands. We strive to achieve this by investing in new technologies and the automatisation of processes,” Mikkel Winther Andersen says.