Rune, Torben, and Jan Erik in front of Danish Agro truck with HMF knuckle boom crane

From the left: Rune Ernstsen, Sales Consultant HMF Danmark, Torben Madsen, Crane operator and Jan Erik Frønsdal Toft, Transport Manager Danish Agro

HMF loader cranes help farmers in Northern Europe

8 August 2021

Danish Agro Group has added three new HMF loader cranes to their fleet to meet the demand from Northern European farmers. Logistics Director Jens Toft and Transport Manager Jan Erik Frønsdal Toft explain why cranes have become an essential tool in modern agriculture. 

"Much of our stock is on the move every day in trucks. If a truck-mounted crane breaks down, it affects our deliveries to the farmer, regional logistics depots and our entire logistics chain. There is also an impact on the health of the livestock caused by the delays of the materials and food, which must be avoided," says Jan Erik Frønsdal Toft, Transport Manager at Danish Agro

He's visiting HMF Group's head office in Denmark with his manager, Logistics Director Jens Toft. 

"Our new HMF loader cranes help us meet our obligations and deliver what we have promised the farmers — on time," says Jens Toft. 

Together with Danish Agro's team of drivers and co-ordinators, the two managers handle the timely delivery of Big Bags, fertilizers and seed to farmers in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea region.  

For this purpose, Danish Agro has built up its own fleet of loader cranes. Most recently, the group has acquired three new HMF 2820 cranes that are particularly suitable for grab work and pallet lifting.  

Focus on efficiency and optimisation

Especially during the past 10 years, using truck cranes to load Big Bags and grains has become a widespread practice in agriculture. Danish Agro has gone from delivering animal feed in small sacks to loading and unloading so-called ‘Big Bags’ — large sacks weighing 500-750 kg each. 

"Farms have become bigger in Northern Europe — both in terms of acres and when it comes to the size of the livestock. Bigger farms call for bigger deliveries," says Jens Toft. 

"The increased focus on efficiency and optimisation in agriculture has made downtime on a crane pure poison," Jan Erik Frønsdal Toft adds. "Once a customer has ordered Big Bags for delivery on Wednesday at noon, he expects us to arrive Wednesday at noon because this is when he needs it." 

Jens Toft agrees adding: 

"We're very limited by driving and rest period regulations. If a driver is at a stand-still, we can't catch up with the time wasted like we could in the past, when it was allowed to drive at 2 o'clock at night. We also experience that our customers are more focused on ‘on time delivery’ today. Therefore, reliable cranes and service from HMF help make sure that we provide timely service to our customers." 

Danish Agro - an international agrocultural group 

Danish Agro consists of a number of agro-industrial companies in Denmark and abroad owned by 9,000 Danish farmers. 

The group mainly operates within the sales of feedstuff mixes, ingredients and vitamin mixes, fertilizer, crop protection, seed and energy. In addition, Danish Agro also buys crops from farmers.  

Danish Agro works on the basis of a vision to be the preferred and most important business partner to farmers in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea region. 

The company's mission is to provide Danish and international farmers with quality products and services and to purchase their crops intended for optimal onward sale. 

Danish Agro was established in 1901 as a local cooperative. A number of fusions and acquisitions has changed the company from a local to a regional, then a national and now an international player with over 100 companies in Denmark and abroad. 

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Steen, Jens, Jan Erik and Rune smiling in front of factory with packed HMF loader cranes

From the left: Steen Lervad, HMF Group, Jens Toft and Jan Erik Frønsdal Toft, Danish Agro, and Rune Ernstsen, HMF Denmark.

Torben Madsen moving big bags with an HMF loader crane