New crane and used truck? A simple way to save money

7 December 2020

The purchase of a brand-new truck fitted with a crane is often a costly affair. Combined with the fact that getting hold of new trucks has been problematic in 2020, some of our customers have found an alternative solution: combine a new crane with a used truck!

Brand-new HMF 1730 on a 1983 Scania

In October 2020, HMF Polska mounted an HMF 1730 onto a Scania chassis from 1983 for one of their customers. This was an ideal solution to the customer for several reasons.

2020 has in general been a tough year for contractors affected by the uncertainty connected to the corona crisis - and even as some parts of the world seemed to approach normal standards in the summer, it quickly turned out that there were no trucks available on the market for installing cranes on. Mounting a new crane on an old truck therefore seemed the most practical solution to this customer.

Almost like a brand-new combination – but cheaper!

Even if you one day wish to upgrade your truck, you can at any time decide to change the chassis and retro-fit the crane to the new truck.

The 1730 on a Scania is not the first example of such a combination. In the beginning of 2020, HMF Polska also mounted an HMF 3220 with a personnel basket onto a MAN truck from 2002. The chassis was completely renovated – varnish, cabin, wheels, intermediate frame – everything revitalized! It’s almost like a brand-new combination.

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