White truck in forest with hunting high stand on truck body
White truck with loader crane lifting high stands in forest from a stand onto the truck's body
White truck in forest with two hunting high stands on the truck body

Off-road in German forests

22 November 2019

How to work with crane in off-road conditions

From passion to profession

Who wouldn’t want to turn a passionate hobby into a successful career? This is exactly what Uwe Fischer has done.

Fischer is the owner of the German company Fischer Reviereinrichtungen who specializes in high-quality high stands for hunting. A business idea that originates in his own personal passion for hunting. This passion has developed into a nationwide successful company which supplies high stands and special equipment for hunting.

Off-road made easier with EVS

As one might guess, high stands are not usually situated in easily accessible locations. Often, Fischer has to bring his 4WD truck through conditions that barely suits an off-road SUV. This also makes crane operation very difficult as the extension of stabilizer beams is challenging.

Therefore, Fischer was pleased when he encountered our HMF 3220K crane at the BAUMA trade fair in Munich.

The EVS stability system on HMF cranes was a perfect match for Firscher’s needs. The HMF-developed stability system takes advantage of the load on the truck and uses this as counterweight. This means that the crane operator doesn’t need to extend the stabilizer beams on the crane fully as long as load is placed on the truck body. This makes HMF cranes ideal for working in difficult locations like the German forests, where the uneven ground makes it difficult to fully extend the stabilizer beams.