2 HMF Employees with HMF tattoos

Permanently devoted to HMF

9 May 2019

If job satisfaction isn’t the keyword, when you choose to perpetuate your workplace-logo on your body, then what is?

Søren Enevoldsen and Christian Kopp Hansen have only been working in our department in Galten for less than a year. Nevertheless, they are already ready to display their attachment to HMF. This has resulted in two good-looking and eye-catching tattoos of the HMF logo.

The two young men met and became friends through their job at HMF. Here they can share their passion for tinkering with machines. What they enjoy by working at HMF is to get their hands dirty and be a part of the vehicle body building. Additionally, they both enjoy the casual atmosphere at the workplace, where there is room for having fun with co-workers. It is probably in relation to this atmosphere and garage humour, that the tattoo idea came about.

No turning back

What started out as a regular work day in Galten ended up in a trip to a tattoo salon in Silkeborg west of Aarhus, when Christian casually mentioned that an HMF tattoo would be great fun. In Galten, a deal is a deal, and a co-worker contacted Marketing to get hold of the proper HMF logo. Then there was no turning back. Fortunately for Christian, his co-worker and friend Søren was all onboard with getting an HMF-tattoo and together the two headed to Silkeborg to perpetuate their attachment to HMF.

It’s all fun and games

Two months later, the tattoos are still looking sharp - as are the two friends. The tattoos are generating smiles and laughs as well as humorous comments among their beholders. It’s all fun and games for the two young fellows, who forever will have a humorous story to tell, when asked about their awesome HMF-tattoos.