HMF 9520 loader crane preparing to lift a f-16 aircraft
Blue truck with HMF 9520 loader crane lifting a f-16 aircraft

Power to lift F-16 aircrafts

9 June 2019

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality cranes suitable for many different tasks. Almost no job is too complicated for our cranes, at least not when it comes to lifting F-16 aircrafts. 

We are glad to share that an HMF crane is fulfilling its purpose with Haegens Kraanverhuur BV, who successfully uses this in the repairing work of an F-16 aircraft. 

This work takes place in Holland, where Van Rijssel Carrosseriebedrijf BV has been an official HMF dealer since 2000. Van Rijssel Carrosseriebedrijf BV hereby supports the selling, installing, and servicing of HMF cranes in Holland. 

Strength and reliability for the Dutch Royal Airforce

When Haegens Kraanverhuur BV was in need of a strong and reliable crane, Van Rijssel Carrosseriebedrijf BV was able to supply the perfect HMF crane for the job! The 9520K-RCS crane with fly-jib 2200-K6 is equipped with 2 manual extensions and a 34.9 m reach, which makes it perfect for assisting in the repair work of an F-16 aircraft for the Dutch Royal Airforce.

Our cranes rarely encounter lifting tasks for aircrafts, and therefore it is enjoyable, to once again witness an HMF crane delivering a great job. Not least when it is delivered by a brand-new crane type. In this case our 9520K-RCS-K7 crane with fly-jib 2200-K6, which is one of the first of its kind to leave our factory in Denmark.