Quick service saved tomorrow's revenue

17 December 2020

Pelle Henning is a self-employed haulier in Roskilde, Denmark, with a packed schedule. So, when he one afternoon after closing hours suddenly realized that the remote-control box for his HMF 1820 crane was no longer working, there was no time to waste.

Quick response from HMF Service

Pelle immediately contacted HMF Service to find a quick solution to the problem. The necessary spare parts were supplied from the local HMF Service Point and the radio remote control was quickly upgraded. 3½ hours later, the truck was ready again for keeping the delivery appointments for that day.

For a self-employed haulier each hour of downtime is expensive, and fast service is extremely important for Pelle. “A single day's downtime not only means a day's lost turnover - it also means that I cannot keep my appointments and risk putting my customers in a dull situation where they have to find new – and often less ideal – solutions in a short time.” Fortunately, HMF in Roskilde near Copenhagen were able to get him up and running in short time.

”A tough old lady”

Pelle’s blue crane rarely needs service. Of course, a few things need replacement from time to time, but all in all the crane has a low maintenance level. “This tough old lady does 30 lifts a day – and that’s impressive considering that she’s from 2007,” says Pelle, as he prepares to lift another load of building material for a customer.

A regular workday for Pelle often involves handling goods in and out of narrow openings, setting up on different surfaces, and going to locations with limited access. In these situations, his 1820 crane with its versatility allows him to deliver under even difficult conditions. “The front-mounted crane allows me to drive directly to the unloading point and this gives me the best possible conditions for unloading,” Pelle says finally before he says goodbye and drives to his next appointment.

You can see the crane in some of its many applications at the top of this page.