Rescue vehicle with loader crane in the rear end
Loader crane parked in the rear end of red rescue vehicle
San Jose Fire Department fire truck

Rescue vehicles with power to lift

4 March 2020

HMF cranes are used for many different purposes around the world. In San José, California, they are used for important rescue services.

A true American-style vehicle

As the Californian San José Fire Department’s US & R (Urban Search and Rescue) program needed reliable rescue vehicles to enhance the department’s US & R program, our American distributor, IMT*, contributed with a 50 tm K2 crane and the company Pierce Manufacturing fitted it on the rescue body. It resulted in this true American-style rescue vehicle.

A rescue vehicle for various tasks

The San José Fire Department has designed the US & R vehicle, where Pierce Manufacturing has built the new apparatus and HMF’s factory in Denmark the new IMT crane. The result is a rescue vehicle, which is able to manage a wide range of rescue tasks.

The IMT crane is thought to be included in various rescue tasks:

  • It will allow for a vehicle to be stabilized for auto extrication.
  • It will be capable of quickly providing heavy lifting for rescue incidents such as removing a vehicle or tree on top of another vehicle.
  • It will be applied to remove equipment like an inflatable rescue boat and outboard motor from the top of the rescue body.
  • It is rated for personnel lifting and can be used as a high point during rescue incidents.

The San Jose FD US & R staff expects the vehicle to be used for several other applications as well, once the vehicle is placed in service and the staff has had an opportunity to get to know its capabilities.

*IMT is HMF’s official distributor in the US, and our only partner who uses their own brand to sell our cranes. Iowa Mold Tooling (IMT) is situated in Garner, Iowa in the Mid-West, and has been our partner since 1999.