Back of blue loader crane truck in front of 5 blue rescue vehicles
Blue THW rescue truck with stabilizer legs and 810 HMF crane
Blue THW rescue trucks on a line

The biggest project for HMF Germany ever - 49 cranes for THW

11 November 2019

This year, the German relief organization, THW (Technische Hilfswerk - the Federal Agency for Technical Relief), has placed the order of no less than 49 HMF cranes – the biggest order HMF Ladekrane GmbH has ever received.

Great cooperation made it possible

It all started in October 2017, where the German federal Ministry of the Interior issued a tender on behalf of the German relief organization, THW. This tender initially included 27 craned vehicles.

27 craned vehicles is a big order, but thanks to great collaboration between HMF Group A/S in Denmark, MAN, and the vehicle body builder, Freytag, we were able to prepare an offer in short time.

4th January 2018 HMF got the contract for delivery of 27 x HMF 810K2 RC cranes. After that, things accelerated. 16th January 2018 the construction meeting with the participants took place, and on 23rd May 2018, the first vehicle was tested and accepted. Then the series delivery of the next 26 cranes began.

As if an order of 27 cranes wasn’t eminent enough, we received an order for a second lot of another 22 cranes in July of this year. With this order, the project now amounted to a total of 49 cranes. Viewed in terms of quantities, this is the largest project for HMF Ladekrane so far.

It is great to see that our growth strategy to open up new customer segments bears fruit and contributes to our economic growth.