White unimog with off-the-road tires
2320 HMF crane on the back of an Unimog truck
Unimog with red HMF 2320 crane

Unimog with an HMF #2

22 June 2020

Last year, our service partner Becker & Schmidt from Ensdorf, Germany, created a Unimog tool carrier with an HMF 610 K3 for the piping company Enrotec from Neunkirchen.

You can find the report from back then here.

The first vehicle must have been a success as the Saarland-based company has expanded their fleet to now include yet another craned Unimog. This time, an HMF 2320-K3, which lifts 1,890 kg with a maximum range of 10.2 m. was mounted on the vehicle.

Paved paths and roads are often in short supply

Since Enrotec among other things deals with the development of construction areas, paved paths and roads are often in short supply in the areas where the vehicles perform.

Thanks to the off-road chassis of the Unimog, which was supplied by KBM from Andernach, the crane support frame from FMG and our stability system EVS, the vehicle can withstand the most difficult conditions.