White Unimog with off-road tires and 610 loader crane
HMF 610 loader crane mounted on the back of a unimog truck
Unimog with 610 loader crane in front of work shop

Unimog with an HMF – A combi for the most difficult conditions

11 December 2019

A cooperation between our German service partner, Becker & Schmidt, and Unimog distributor, KBM Andernach, resulted in an unusual and remarkable vehicle: a Unimog mounted with an HMF 610K crane.

The Unimog was needed by the piping company, Enrotec, which deals with the development of building land, and often operates in un-paved roads and other difficult locations. Becker & Schmidt and KBM Andernach came up with this combi-beauty to fit Enrotec’s needs.

Unbeatable selling points

When deciding for HMF, several features offered unbeatable arguments:

  • EVS and the special AutoSwitch solution, which allow for the EVS to be switched off when conditions are off-road and difficult.
  • The price of the HMF 610K.
  • The internal hose routing and the 15° over-bending, which protects the crane and hoses from wear and tear, which is important as the vehicle is to perform in rough conditions.

An impressive result

Enrotec as well as the central German Unimog seller, KBM, was very impressed by the result. Enrotec had high demands for their vehicle: it had to be below 7.5 t but still compact and suited for off-road driving as well as having high road clearance. Despite these high demands, a vehicle with over 500 kg payload has now been created.

Especially the speed and quality of the structure as well as the reliability of the vehicle body-builder and supplier has impressed the customer. This would never have been possible with a comparable competitive crane or a less experienced body-builder.