Jens Kaiser lifting a box with a white 7020 HMF loader crane mounted on a blue truck
HMF 7020 crane logo on a white crane
Jens Kaiser remote controlling his volvo crane truck

Why König & Kaiser are turning heads with their truck

20 September 2019

Jens Kaiser from the German company, König & Kaiser, makes people turn their heads when he is operating his dark blue Volvo truck. Not only because he is controlling the truck with extreme precision, but also – and especially - because he is controlling the truck from outside the driver’s cab.

A vision from the future

For many, this vision of a truck without a driver might seem like a vision from the future, but it is everyday life at König & Kaiser. That is, the company is in possession of one out of only 6 trucks in Germany that are controlled with a Drimote controller. This remote controller is a unit that can take over all the functions a driver needs for moving his truck. This innovative control system offers several benefits to truck drivers:

When navigating through narrow construction sites, drivers usually either need a guide or have to leave the truck several times to manage the task without accidently bumping into something. Thanks to the Drimote control system, Jens Kaiser can manage his Volvo problem-free, fast, accurate and safe - even at extreme space conditions.

Safety in focus with HMF

A self-driven truck naturally needs an equally impressive truck-mounted loader crane. In the choice of a suitable crane for the blue, self-driven truck, stability and safety was important. Therefore, König & Kaiser chose an HMF 7020-OK6 crane. HMF’s stability safety system, EVS, is what truly spoke to König & Kaiser, who appreciates safety by crane operation. EVS is a dynamic stability system that ensures maximum stability and safety for crane operators and HMF was first movers on developing this system.

It is König & Kaiser’s first truck-mounted loader crane, and the company has been extremely satisfied with the HMF crane. The company highlights the high service from HMF’s staff, who are always prepared to lend a helping hand. Additionally, the crane has impressed the company with its low tare weight and reduced space requirements.