Why Studhalter Transporte counts on HMF

4 August 2020

Since 2009, the Swiss company, Studhalter Transporte, has relied on HMF cranes. In this decade the company has used their HMF 5020K for a very varied range of tasks: lifting boats, construction materials, soccer stands and even Christmas trees as you can see in our gallery.

HMF since 2009

Studhalter GmbH is a regional and international transport company based in Horw/Lucerne in Switzerland. Since 1996, the company has continuously expanded and developed, and today it specializes in construction and event logistics.

For this variation of tasks, the company not only depends on the best products when it comes to tipping bodies, truck mixers and tractor units – but also when it comes to loader cranes.

We chose HMF for the first time back in 2009 and had many positive experiences with it. We have counted on HMF loader cranes ever since!” says Thomas Studhalter.

Cranes that prove themselves each day anew

According to the company, HMF cranes offer decisive advantages when it comes to space requirements, tare weight and the EVS stability system.

Functions that prove themselves everyday anew”, according to Mr. Studhalter.

Be it on narrow construction sites in the city, by precise handling of roofs with a grab, or with the delicate construction of large event venues. The accuracy and efficiency of the crane are highly valued by the company.

We are very pleased that Studhalter favours our cranes and we wish the company the best of luck in years to come.