Why two Icelandic companies chose HMF over a competing brand

27 September 2019

What do the two companies Hermundur Jóhannesson and Finnur ehf have in common?

First of all, they both provide trucks mounted with loader cranes for various lifting tasks around Iceland, the beautiful Nordic island country in the North Atlantic. Second, they have both recently replaced their cranes with HMF cranes.

Recently both of the companies were in need of new cranes. As Finnur ehf and Hermundur Jóhannesson were looking for cranes to replace the old ones both companies had used since 2006, the choice fell on HMF cranes.

Strength, good service and safety made the win

The choice fell on HMF primarily due to the cranes' better lift-to-weight ratio and the excellent service performed by HMF staff on shows and throughout the buying-process. The companies further express satisfaction with the HMF EVS stability system on the cranes, which they prefer to stability systems on other cranes.

Finnur ehf is a contracting company in Akureyri, Iceland, owned by Finn Aðalbjörnsson. The company owns a white Scania truck mounted with an HMF 4020K-RCS crane used for contraction work around Iceland.

Hermundur Jóhannesson is a small freight company with a Volvo equipped with an HMF 3220K-RCS crane fit for various lifting tasks around the island as well.

We wish both companies good luck with their new HMF cranes.