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Max Hunt #1 - Behind the steel 

The journey of the Max Hunt truck and HMF loader crane. In this first video, Hauke takes us into the Danish factory of HMF cranes and shares why he wants an HMF crane for his truck. 

Max Hunt #2 - See his HMF 4020K crane come to life 

In his hunt for adventures, Max Hunt is accompanied by our HMF 4020K knuckle boom crane. Get an exclusive look into how the crane is tailored to fit Max Hunt's raw lifestyle as a truck driver and crane operator. 

Max Hunt #3 tests EVS on his 4020K crane 

In this episode, Max Hunt goes to Galten, Denmark to meet HMF's Rune Ernstsen. Together they test the Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) system on his truck-mounted crane. 

100 % electric HMF 9520 crane

Welcome to the future of construction logistics. In this video, you'll see the first completely electrical 100 tm crane in Europe. 

Big trucks in tough terrain: HMF at Scania Winter 2020

HMF was present at Scania Winter 2020 in Trysil, Norway. We were invited to test drive big Scania trucks in the Norwegian terrain. Check out all the fun in the snow. 

Kress Transporte - Truck with a detachable HMF crane

The German company Kress Transporte's HMF loader crane can be attached and detached within a few minutes. In this video, René Kress takes you through the advantages of having an detachable lorry crane, and shows us how the company uses the crane in their work. 

Behind the steel at HMF

When innovation meets quality and precision, you power to lift. This video gives you an insight into the process behind the steel at HMF cranes.