Truck cranes for any lifting challenge

We make truck-mounted cranes with lifting capacities from 3 to 95 tonne metres for any lifting task.

Innovating truck
cranes for
70 years

Loader crane, truck mounted crane, lorry loader, hydraulic knuckle boom – it goes by many names

Whatever you call it, HMF has developed cranes that are mounted onto trucks for over 70 years.

Our cranes are used in the entire world by a wide range of companies like haulage contractors, builders’ merchants, road and recovery services, and self-employed hauliers.

Compact and light

HMF truck cranes are characterized by their light tare weight and compact design.

This gives you extra space on the truck body as well as extra kgs for what you need to move.

Strong, sturdy, and durable

HMF truck cranes are designed to last for many years.

With high-tensile steel, dual-coating, and internal hose-routing our cranes are fit for all kinds of weather and terrain.

Smooth operation

HMF truck cranes are designed for a flexible and smooth operation.

This makes them suitable for different kinds of lifting tasks in all kinds of industries.

Countless combinations

Different business models require different solutions – and thus different truck mounted cranes.

Our cranes come with countless options and features, so they can be designed to fit exactly the lifting needs you have.


Lift materials upon and over platforms or roofs with a fly-jib


Lower cargo in a vertical, controlled manner with a hoist


Load and unload cargo with a grab and rotator

Ever wondered
how cranes
are made?

From raw steel plates to quality truck mounted cranes – Every HMF crane is designed and produced at our factory in Denmark.

But how does a simple steel plate become a full-functioning truck mounted crane?

The drawing board

Our highly skilled engineers develop cranes that fit the customers exact requirements.

Getting the best materials

Our Supply Team work tirelessly to find, and quality check the best materials for our truck mounted cranes.

Every week we receive shipments of machined high-tensile steel plates, parts like oil coolers, sensors, cylinders, and much more.

Bending the steel

The first step in producing our five main components – crane base, column, main boom, jib, and jib extension - is to bend the steel.

Our bending machine takes care of this with a tremendous 200 tons pressure!

Welding by robots

When the components have been bent, they are welded.

High-tech welding robots are doing this job for us accompanied by skilled welders.


The components are painted with a powder primer and a topcoat. This way the coating of our truck mounted cranes is endurable up to 15 years in coastal and industrial environments.

HMF cranes are known for their red colour, but we produce cranes in all colours of the rainbow, if desired.

Assembling the parts
All components are assembled bit by bit.

Adding the features

Electronics, hydraulics, controls, sensors, and whatever customizations the customer requires are added at this stage.

Test, test, test

Actually, quality checks are carried out at each step. But at this stage, the most thorough testing takes place - every function of the truck mounted crane is tested at the test bench. 

Does the crane work as it is supposed to? Can it lift as much it is supposed to? Are sensors and hydraulics working as expected?

Shipping worldwide

When a truck mounted crane passes the final quality tests, it is prepared for shipment. 

Here it also receives the final visual inspection. The crane type label is added, and the crane is checked for scratches and damage before it is wrapped in protective foil and shipped to its new owner.