Help is always
close by

We have a global network of service centres and partners ready to service and repair your loader crane.

Then you can get on with your job as fast as possible.

We are here
for you - all
the way

To us, service equals peace of mind. It is your guarantee, that you can do your job every day.

A loader crane is an important ingredient in your business' success, and downtime is money down the drain. Therefore, we don’t just sell cranes – we strive to be a partner through the lifetime of your crane. 

Our dedicated and specialised partners make sure that you’re never down for long with crane service and repair available near you.

Help is never far away

dedicated employees

service partners


Service and repair near you - always

If your loader crane is down due to technical or mechanical issues, it can have big consequences for you as truck owner and haulier.

We offer a global service network with around 200 service partners in more than 40 countries certified to repair your loader crane. Therefore, qualified, and certified help is always near.

Just find your nearest HMF service partner and give them a call!


Individual guidance

No business is like the other. Therefore, no loader truck should be either.

Our skilled employees will help you choose the right combination of features and equipment for your crane and truck.

We also help you with upgrades and retrofits if your needs change. You can for example upgrade your crane with a personnel baskettop seat, or new stabilizers.

That way, your crane is always optimized for your specific business purpose.

spare parts
on stock

Every day, we ship thousands of spare parts to customers in the entire world.

We always have critical spare parts on stock at our main warehouse in Denmark and at selected partners around the world.

We only ship original HMF spare parts, which are certified and tested against our high quality standards.

spare parts on stock

10 years
spare parts for 10 years after cranes are discontinued

1-3 years
full guarantee on original spare parts from HMF