CEO Proud Of Employees’ Handling Of Fire On HMF Production Site

Press release - 27 October 2021, Højbjerg, Denmark.

Yesterday a fire started at a production facility in Galten, Denmark, belonging to crane manufacturer HMF. CEO Jens Seehusen is proud of how the fire was handled and happy that nobody was injured during the fire.

HMF also has a body building workshop, a service point, and office buildings in Galten. These are not affected by the fire. Therefore, employees in these parts of the location can continue their work today. The company has an ambitious goal of re-establishing production of the sub-components on other locations and with the support of sub-suppliers.

Around noon yesterday a fire started in a production building in Galten, Frichsvej 35, where about 40 employees are working. The fire developed and damaged most of the building and the fire-fighting services have been massively present throughout the night. At present, the fire has been extinguished and HMF now knows the extent and is already in the process of moving production activities to other locations.

It is the production building that is affected by the fire. The other buildings in Galten have not been touched by fire, i.e. the vehicle body building workshop, the service workshop and the office buildings.

Proud of the employees’ handling

CEO Jens Seehusen himself was present during the fire yesterday. “I would like to emphasize how proud I am of the employees who were present. Everyone followed our safety procedures and were taken to safety, which also means no people were injured during the fire. Everyone who was present and involved in Galten deserves great praise. In addition, a big thanks to the massive efforts of the Fire Service, the Emergency Management Agency, the Police, and to the entire local community for your understanding.”

Plan to set up new production before the end of next week

At present, HMF is in the process of investigating which areas of production can be moved to other HMF locations, e.g., to Oddervej 200 in Højbjerg, where the company has the majority of its crane production.

The company has an ambitious goal of making a new production setup by the end of next week and the entire organization is supporting this.

Jens Seehusen: “The fire has of course given us some challenges, but fortunately we have a strong network of partners and subcontractors. In addition, we have the possibility to move some of the production from Galten to our other production facilities, so I am optimistic about the production and delivery of the sub-components that is manufactured in the now burnt down building.”

All employees involved are offered crisis assistance.


About HMF

HMF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of truck-mounted loader cranes. We develop and produce crane models with lifting capacities from 3 to 95 tonne metres. The cranes are used by a wide range of industries, including construction, transport and logistics, infrastructure, etc. With headquarters in Denmark, we are represented around the world through subsidiaries, sales and service partners.

HMF was founded in Denmark in 1945 with Headquarter in Højbjerg, near Aarhus.

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