HMF Group launches new construction of ‘Customer Experience Center’ in Galten

In order to enhance proximity between customer-oriented employees and the customer centric processes, HMF Group is initiating a new construction at their current location on Frichsvej 35 in Galten, where a production facility was lost to a fire in 2021.


Scheduled to commence at the end of 2023, the construction project will result in the establishment of a department with a focus on administrative functions and technology development, which will replace the former production facility at the site. The primary objective is to enhance customer-centric operations, thereby enriching the customer journey. Currently situated in Højbjerg, the customer-related activities will be consolidated at the new location in Galten.

Mikkel Winther Andersen, CEO of HMF Group, emphasized, "Our new building is an integral part of our growth plan designed to future-proof HMF and establish a foundation for sustained expansion. This development aligns with our commitment to elevating customer focus and satisfaction."

The new facility is anticipated to be operational in early 2025 and will house key departments, including management, Research and Development (R&D), Export, Product Management, and Marketing. The relocation of these functions to Galten reflects HMF Group's dedication to streamlining operations and fostering a more customer-centric approach.


For further information:

Press contact Mia B. Sølvsten - or +45 51 54 62 22.