Strong and compact
loader cranes

We develop truck-mounted loader cranes that make every day lifting tasks effortless and lucrative. For truck owners in the entire world.

truck cranes
since 1952

Since 1952, HMF has specialized in developing truck cranes that are strong, compact, and nice to work with.

Together with our skilled employees and dedicated partners we sell, service, and install Danish quality cranes in more than 40 countries.

That’s why HMF cranes are used and loved by truck drivers around the entire world.

Compact and light

HMF truck cranes are characterized by their light tare weight and compact design.

This gives you extra space on the truck body as well as extra kgs for what you need to move.

Strong, sturdy, and durable

HMF truck cranes are designed to last for many years.

With high-tensile steel, dual-coating, and internal hose-routing our cranes are fit for all kinds of weather and terrain.

Smooth operation

HMF truck cranes are designed for a flexible and smooth operation.

This makes them suitable for different kinds of lifting tasks in all kinds of industries.

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Always an HMF partner near you


We have a global network of sales and service partners ready to help you out with your truck crane concerns.

Whether you need help with purchase, retrofitting, service - or just a piece of advice.

Simply contact your local HMF partner.

Partners through the lifetime of your crane

One thing is to buy a truck crane. Another is to be sure that your crane operates as intended after you get it - and continues to do so.

HMF is not only a manufacturer of strong, reliable, and lightweight loader cranes. You can also count on us to support your business for years after you buy your crane.

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Caps, thermo mugs, jackets - you name it!


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